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Penetration Oil : Stop the Irritating Squeaks

S-88 Rust Preventive  Penetrating Oil --forms a thin, oily lubricating film that helps protecting against corrosion.
S-88 lubricates all type of equipments, such as tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, automotive engines, marine parts, lawn and garden tools, wire ropes, etc. Fast acting penetrant to loosen frozen nuts, bolts and parts in industrial, automotive, marine and all home equipments used and stored outdoor.

Corrosion protection on production equipment, material handling
equipments, including overhead hoist and cranes, tools, parts in indoor storage and in shipment, hand & power tools. S-88 penetrates to hard-to-reach areas. It displaces moisture and leaves a corrosion resistant film.

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I shall elaborate more on  the mechanism of the rust preventive active ingredients in displacing and repelling moisture from   metal surface which cause corrosion in coming post.