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LOCTITE Brushable Ceramic : Smooth Coating, Saves Money

" Pump efficiency can be greatly improved by coating a layer of smooth ceramic coating, the top layer was coated with LOCTITE Brushable Ceramic white as wear indicator to bottom coat  "

LOCTITE® Nordbak® Brushable Ceramic Gray is an ultra
smooth, ceramic reinforced epoxy that provides a high gloss, low friction coating designed to protect against turbulence, abrasion and cavitation under typical dry service temperatures of -29 °C to +120 °C.

Typical applications include providing a smooth, protective abrasion resistant coating, repairing heat exchangers and condensers, lining tanks and chutes, resurfacing and repairing rudders and pintel housings, and repairing cooling pump impellers, butterfly valves and cavitated pumps.  
Overall smoothness reduces friction thus  cutting power consumption.

We provide consultation for  costing, application guides for your coating jobs.
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