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LOCTITE Metal Magic Steel : Plug the leaks in minutes

" LOCTITE Metal Magic Steel    ( 98853 ) "

LOCTITE Metal Magic Steel    ( 98853 ) -- A versatile, single component, easy to use, steel filled epoxy repair putty. It is applied like a putty and when cured it has a high compressive strength and good adhesion to most surfaces. This product stops leaks in pipes and tanks, fills oversized bolt holes, smoothens welds, and repairs non-structural defects in castings holes in tanks.

" LOCTITE Metal Magic Steel : Directions for Use "

" LOCTITE Metal Magic Steel  comes in ready 2-in-1  putty "

This is a very useful emergency repair product which one  must keep one in your  factory; one  can find many others applications depends on one's  creativity. Do feel free to get the detailed product description and application guides from us .

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