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PROTECTOR Silicone Lubricant : No More Power Window Jam

" Protector SRA-XX  Release Agent plus Lubricating Function "

Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant and Release Agent

PROTECTOR SRA-XX Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant and Release Agent --  A high purity grade silicone based lubricant that reduces friction on rubber, plastic and metal parts. When sprayed on, it leaves a silicone oil film  to protect against corrosion.

Due to it's high staying properties, the film clings to surfaces without running or dripping. Eliminates static charges, and is safe on plastics. Great for upholstery, plastic gears, and safe for rubber components in automotive use ( it can be used to lubricate the power window ).

It is also an excellent mould release aids in plastic, rubber, and composite moulding.

 Silicone oil has been found to have many applications in our daily  lives, being low toxicity  (  many are certified  as Food Grade ) in an another great advantage .

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